{short description of image} WHOLE PERSON LEARNING
This set of projects is to explore Whole-Person Learning in a Primary, Secondary Schools and Further Education - integrating NLP with Accelerated Learning, Brain Gym, and Emotional Intelligence more>>>
{short description of image} MIND OLYMPICS
This is a set of projects inside school, community based, and web-based mind and body games, designed to help student of all ages reach their potential and shine. It addresses both raindrops - bullying, self-esteem, learning difficulties, emotional and behaviourial difficulties and turns them into sunbeams. more>>>
{short description of image} BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE
This project provides creative and performing art students access to the wisdom of seasoned professionals in the world of performing arts. more>>>
{short description of image} SPORTZMINDS

The Sportzminds project is about enhancing athletic performance and achieving excellence in sport through developing the mental and emotional skills, that allow for the attainment of an individual's full potential more>>>

{short description of image} SPORTING JOURNEYS

This is a collection of models of excellence from all aspects of the sporting world. Their stories of how they did it and how to do it.

{short description of image} HOW TO SURVIVE SCHOOL
Developing "How To Survive School" cartoon book and website for children, based on Neuro Linguistic Programming presuppositions and patterns, and deals, in a "reader-friendly" format, with sensitive subjects like bullying, rapport with teachers and peer-groups, exams, parents, homework etc., all the issues that can be so difficult for our children today. more>>>
{short description of image} SONGS FOR CHANGE
Writing and composing songs for change more>>>

NLP Songs For Change a new audio CD

{short description of image} RAINBOW PRACTITIONER
The Rainbow Journey is developing an 18-day Practitioner training.
{short description of image} STORIES FOR CHANGE
Writing stories and metaphors for change