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Alistair Smith is one of the leading UK trainers in the use of Accelerated Learning techniques in the classroom. Alistair describes a model of learning based on pulling together work in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology, human motivational theory and performance psychology, learning theory and school improvement and school effectiveness research. He uses NLP liberally throughout the model. The book contains a number of interesting case studies from 36 schools and 7 Local Education Authorities.

A manual providing ready-to-use training sessions for use at all levels, this covers skills of self-management, relationship-building and influencing to be applied to key management functions. The self-contained activities will appeal to a variety of learning styles. A fresh approach to improving communication skills. Large format ringbinder

Following his phenomenally successful The Learning Brain, Jensen, one of the foremost experts in the field of accelerated learning, provides more suggestions on how to successfully redesign teacher training, classrooms, schools and organisations. Many of our conventional educational models may be shattered like glass by the ideas in this book - and some would say about time. Large format paperback

BRAIN COMPATIBLE STRATEGIES:Hundreds of Easy-To-Use Brain-Compatible Activities That Boost Attention, Motivation, Learning And Achievement- Eric Jensen
This latest book by Jensen is sure to become just as popular as his Super Teaching! This is a real gold-mine of wonderfully creative, ready-to-use ideas to motivate, inspire and encourage students. A thoroughly practical book (with just a little theory for good measure!). Covers discipline, learning formulae, triggering learning, barriers to learning, and much, much more. Highly recommended. Paperback

THE CARNIVAL - Deborah J Spence
This book is a story all about a fun-fair with some mystical qualities and the fun that three children have whilst spending a day there. It is intended as an NLP teaching aid for children and as such is probably quite effective. Perhaps the NLP gets a bit in the way of the story and very obviously American in origin. Paperback

This skilfully crafted workbook of 38 weeks of lesson plans shows teachers and parents advanced communications techniques targeted for behaviour, perception and learning. Practical and valuable for classroom/home schooling. Adaptable for all ages. Paperback Large Format

COMPLETING THE PUZZLE: The Brain Based Approach- Eric Jensen
From the author of Superteaching and Brain Based Learning, this is an excellent "how to" manual for teachers or whole schools who wish to utilise the latest techniques in Accelerated Learning. Highly recommended. Paperback

DYNAMIC LEARNING - Robert Dilts & Todd Epstein
This book by Robert Dilts is co-written by and dedicated to the late Todd Epstein. It describes a revolutionary new approach to learning and teaching. The co-authors of Tools for Dreamers offer stimulating exercises and step by step procedures that help you make better use of the most valuable resource you have - your brain. Dynamic Learning applies the process of learning through experience. In essence, Dynamic Learning is about learning how to learn. The methods can be used by children or adults and have been especially effective for people who have experienced difficulty in learning. Topics covered include: remembering people's names, improving memory, reading faster, improving comprehension, learning foreign languages more quickly and writing more creatively and fluently.

THE EFFECTIVE DELIVERY OF TRAINING USING NLP:A Handbook Of Tools, Techniques And Practical Exercises- Ted Garratt
An excellent book for anyone involved in training. Presents an exceptionally good explanation of how to deliver effective training using NLP and a number of other related techniques. Possibly the best book to date on the subject of the practical application of NLP in training. Includes lots of practical exercises.

ENVOY: Your Personal Guide To Classroom Magic - Michael Grinder
A distillation of the best and most practical management techniques from the author's own personal research. This book is a collection of 31nonverbal management skills which foster a win-win atmosphere in the classroom. Large format paperback

THE EXCELLENT TRAINER: Putting NLP to Work - Di Kamp
Here Di Kamp shows how NLP techniques can be directly applied to the business of training. She looks at the skills and qualities required by a trainer, deals with the actual training process and gives guidance in using the appropriate NLP techniques in preparation, delivery and follow-up. Trainers will find this a powerful tool both for personal development and to enrich the learning opportunities for others. Hardback

IN YOUR HANDS - NLP IN ELT - Jane Revell and Suan Norman
Two of the best-known figures in EFL bring the fascinating insights of NLP into the world of language teaching. With clarity and humour they translate its powerful concepts into practical techniques to enhance our personal and professional lives.

LAZY LEARNING: Making the Most of the Brains You Were Born With - Diana Beaver
Learn how to rediscover the superlearning strategies you naturally had as a child: learn faster and more effectively; be more efficient at work; pass exams; get your message across accurately; make life simpler and more fun. Paperback

The sequel to the best-selling Superteaching, this book is packed with 189 practical classroom and training applications of the newest "brain-based" learning research. These are cutting edge revolutionary success strategies for teachers, trainers, administrators, consultants, parents and change agents. Read and you will be amazed to discover what today's brain research says about a vast range of learning strategies. Paperback

Master Teaching Techniques provides understanding and insights that make for improved communication and superior teaching. With its powerful tools and techniques, this book demonstrates how link the resources of students and teachers with their potential.

META-CATION: Prescriptions For Some Ailing Educational Processes - Sid Jacobson
The first book in a series of three easy to understand publications. Designed for parents and teachers who wish to use NLP in teaching children. This book covers all the basics of NLP and also introduces a number of useful interventions including spelling and learning maths. Hardback

META-CATION II: New Improved Formulas For Thinking About Thinking - Sid Jacobson

META-CATION III: Powerful Applications For Strong Beliefs - Sid Jacobson Hardback

NLP FOR TRAINERS: Communicating For Excellence -Harry Alder
Harry Alder has produced what may become a standard textbook for all those involved in training and development in the business community. Very much about application but well supported by underlying theory. Paperback

Learn how NLP and Alexander Technique can improve the teaching, learning and performance of musical instruments. Discover the integration of language and body awareness for performance excellence. Paperback

THE POWER PROCESS:AWhole-Brain Approach To Writing- Dixie Elise Hickman & Sid Jacobson
This book is not a grammar book, containing sentence diagrams and other standard fare. It is not a list of invention techniques or a series of writing assignments. So what is it? It is the essence of what makes every successful writer successful. It is a workbook to guide the reader through a writing project. It is an invaluable source of reference for handling particular problems or situations. It will help in every kind of writing, from literary fiction and poetry to business correspondence. In short, it is the vital reference and guide for every writer, a simple (but not over-simplified) model to follow, both in the writing process and indeed in the whole of life. Uses NLP techniques, and contains a bibliography for further specialised reading. Paperback

QUANTUM TEACHING: Orchestrating Student Success - Bobbi DePorter, Mark Reardon, Sarah Singer-Nourie
This book is based on Bobbi Deporter's Supercamp and Quantum Learning experience. It identifies brain-compatible teaching and learning strategies that engage and support both teachers and students. It combines the wisdom of NLP, Accelerated Learning and other related learning-how-to-learn methods and techniques.

REDISCOVER THE JOY OF LEARNING: With Blackerby's Academic Success Skills Tips- Don A Blackerby
A wonderful new book using the NLPmodel for excellence to aid learning. The author, a former teacher, struggled at school himself, so the ideal person to write a book like this! Containing a wealth of practical, effective strategies to overcome ADD issues, it covers specific strategies for academic tasks, as well as communication and motivational techniques for teachers, parents and counsellors. A marvellous resource to make learning easier, more satisfying and more fun, it also demonstrates the enormous value of NLP and the breadth of its scope. "A must for anyone interested in education": Robert Dilts.

The author of this book has many years' experience of teaching at all levels of the educational system. This work successfully applies the techniques of NLP to the classroom. By coaching over 100 teachers per month in their classrooms, the author has elicited patterns of excellent teaching and explained them in practical terms. They are formulated for immediate usage in both regular and "special education" at all grade levels. A really excellent book by the brother of John Grinder. Paperback


SUPER-TEACHING: Success Strategies That Bring Out The Best In Both You And Your Students (Revised Edition) Eric P Jensen
Fully revised, enlarged and updated, this classic book for both new and experienced teachers tells it all. Topics include: Learning Styles; New Brain Research; Boost Motivation; New Models of Teaching; Openings; How to Make Your Job Easier; Success Skills; Learning Theory; Thinking Skills; Lower your Stress; Lesson Planning; Environment; Teaching Readiness; Multiple Intelligences; Self-Esteem; Rewards; Learning Climate; Energizers; New Discipline Solutions; Listening Skills; Teams and Cooperative Learning; Better Assessment; Homework; Memory and Recall; Relationship Building; Music; Interactions and Real Empowerment.

This guidebook helps children wipe out negative beliefs and build self-esteem. Based on principles of NLP and Rational-Emotive Therapy and filled with exercises and illustrations.

TRAINING WITH NLP: Skills for Managers, Trainers and Communicators - Joseph O'Connor & John Seymour
What are the differences between outstanding trainers and the rest? There are now practical answers to this question provided by NLP modelling skills. They give you the knowledge and skill to learn faster, teach others to learn faster and improve the results you create.


Amazing Uses of NLP - Eric Jensen.
This is a beginner's set of tapes for using NLP in teaching and training. You'll learn what NLP is and how to use it daily in the classroom. How to build rapport and keep it, resource states, learning styles, reframing and the power of perspective. Plus specific examples of how to use each tool in your work. Three audiotape set

How to Teach and Train Using NLP Vol. II - Eric Jensen
The sequel to the above set is designed to provide an easily understood introduction to NLP and sets out to demystify and explain much of the NLP jargon. A very practically orientated set of tapes, great for those in the early stages of learning about NLP. Three audiotape set.

Learning Modalities:Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic - Eric Jensen
This is about "learning" in the classroom. Learn all you need to know about visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. Discover the world of the digital learner and the combination learners. The explanations are easy to understand and next-day applicable. Learn how to identify each type within seconds and get strategies for working with each of them. These tapes will help build your skills in communication, rapport, and get results. Three audiotape set.

Megateaching and Learning - M. Reese and C. Van Nagel
A very popular book for teachers who wish to integrate NLP technology into their classroom techniques. Paperback

Target Fluency: Leading Edge Foreign Language Teaching Techniques - Michael Hager
Target Fluency is full of practical and effective tips for educators at all levels to help students think, speak, learn and create in a foreign language. Tying in the principles of Neurolinguistics, the book is specifically written for practical classroom use - it shows how to tailor projects, arrange the classroom, prepare lessons and use advanced verbal and nonverbal communication skills to guide each student toward competency in their target language. Paperback

NLP & Learning Difficulties:

BEATING DYSLEXIA - A Natural Way - Alan RHeath & John MEllis
Recent research has discovered that dyslexics do not access part of their visual memory. Written by two experts, this marvellous, easy-to-read new book can help. It can actually teach dyslexics how to access their 'visual memory' quickly and easily, and so 'see' words correctly. This will have invaluable benefits, not least of which are increased confidence and self-esteem, and reduction in frustration. Includes the use of NLP. Paperback

HEALING ADD: - Thom Hartmann
Using NLP and other methods to heal from growing up a Hunter in a Farmer's World

This new book from one of the foremost experts in the filed of ADD contains a foreword by Richard Bandler, and focuses on how NLP and similar techniques can be used to heal ADD. The author presents simple methods involving visualisation and positive thinking that can readily be picked up by adults and taught to children with ADD. Those with ADD will learn to see their lives and the world around them differently. A series of instructions guides readers through transformational exercises that enable them to see, hear and feel their own past behaviour in a new and empowering way.

REDISCOVER THE JOY OF LEARNING: With Blackerby's Academic Success Skills Tips- Don A Blackerby
A wonderful new book using the NLP model for excellence to aid learning. The author, a former teacher, struggled at school himself, so the ideal person to write a book like this! Containing a wealth of practical, effective strategies to overcome ADD issues, it covers specific strategies for academic tasks, as well as communication and motivational techniques for teachers, parents and counsellors. A marvellous resource to make learning easier, more satisfying and more fun, it also demonstrates the enormous value of NLP and the breadth of its scope. "A must for anyone interested in education": Robert Dilts.

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BOOK OF GENIUS - Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene


IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND: A Student's Guide to Learning Style - Kathleen Butler

SMART MOVES - Why Learning is not all in your head - Carla Hannaford


Barry Neil Kaufman is founder of the Options Institute which has introduced a magical model and techniques to heal autism and other physical and emotional problems. A wonderful set of books that reveals the magic of the Options Doalogue:


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