General Learning Style (ISTP)

Students with this learning style learn best by analysing, doing and memorising, and are interested in the practical use to which they can put ideas.

They learn in a seemingly disorderly manner, acquiring facts and practical knowledge bit by bit. When interested in a subject, they devote their attention to it until they have understood it fully. Though not academic in the sense of seeking knowledge for its own sake, they quickly master subjects that are sufficiently technical or detailed, and often the more complex and demanding the subject, the greater they enjoy it. They are particularly interested in discovering how things work.

They learn best alone or in small groups, where they can experiment, watch demonstrations, or be set practical problems. They benefit from short presentations, 'on-the-job' training, and experiential workshops. Demonstrations and practical examples are of more use to them than theory, discussion or reading, since they tend to mistrust talk and abstract thinking.

As learners, they:

They learn best when:

They are challenged when:

College Learning Style

Students with this learning style are cool onlookers. They analyse life with detached curiosity and occasional surprising flashes of humour. They exert themselves only when necessary, wanting not to waste energy. Inwardly, they organise the information they gather about things and nature.

Choosing a Major Subject

Learning Preferences

Reading, Writing, Studying


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