General Learning Style (INFP)

Students with this learning style learn best by studying, reflecting, exchanging ideas and linking them to other ideas to form new patterns of understanding.

To them, learning is a way of expanding their horizons and a path towards growth and development. They prefer to learn in an unstructured manner, and a friendly, co-operative atmosphere in which exploration and discovery are encouraged is a prerequisite for their success.

They enjoy playing with ideas, experimenting with possibilities and thinking around their subject. They become absorbed in a subject deeply and read as much about it as they can. For them to become involved in the learning process, their imagination needs to be stimulated, so they benefit from reading, video, inspiring lectures, workshops and group discussions. Analysis and concentration on facts and details tends to demotivate them.

As learners, they:

They learn best when:

They are challenged when:

College Learning Style

Students with this learning style are more deeply interested in what they do than people realise. They are quiet but warm. They notice the subtle nuances behind people's words and behaviour, and seek to have personal impact in whatever they do. They too easily take on more than seems possible to accomplish, but somehow get it done.

Choosing a Major Subject

Learning Preferences

Reading, Writing, Studying


Possible Causes of Stress

Dealing With Stress