General Learning Style (ENTP)

Students with this learning style learn best by studying, exchanging and analysing ideas. They have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy exploring theories and concepts. They prefer to learn in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere in which debate and problem solving are encouraged, and feel more comfortable when the learning is unstructured and they are free to experiment and follow their own interests.

They are good at conceptualising and abstract reasoning, though may be less interested in learning facts and figures. They tend not to accept a teacher's authority without question, and will readily point out any inconsistencies in an argument or method.

Memorisation of facts, sequential exercises and hands-on training are less useful to them than discussion, analysis, brainstorming, fast paced teaching, multimedia, workshops, lectures and discussion groups.

As learners, they:

They learn best when:

They are challenged when:

College Learning Style

Students with this learning style like change. They bring enthusiasm and imagination to new projects, but often neglect routine assignments. They are sure of the worth of their inspirations and any difficulty along the way is a stimulating challenge. They enjoy debating for its own sake.

Choosing a Major Subject

Learning Preferences

Reading, Writing, Studying


Possible Causes of Stress

Dealing With Stress